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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML)

A person may engage in the maintenance of an aircraft if the person holds an aircraft maintenance licence issued by the Director General


CAAM Part-66 – Category B1.1 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Mechanical, Aeroplanes Turbine


Category B1 AML (Aircraft Maintenance Licence) for engineers or AMEL (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licence), shall permit the holder to issue maintenance release following maintenance including aircraft structure, powerplant and mechanical and electrical systems. Replacement of avionic line replaceable units, requiring simple test without the use of test equipment to prove their serviceability, shall also be included in the privileges.


The Programme

Duration: 4 years; inclusive of On-Job-Training at Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO)


The programme provides students with a solid foundation for a career as an AMEL (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licence). The course covers all of the knowledge requirements specified in the CAAM Part-66 Category B1.1 aircraft maintenance engineering license syllabus.

The AMEL programme comprises field trips, practical work, classroom lectures, CAAM module examinations, and On- Job-Training (OJT).

The criteria for passing the program is through approved 13 module exams sanctioned by the CAAM, on top of 2512 (Technical English included) training hours and 2 years On-Job-Training in the aviation industry in Malaysia.




  • Minimum education qualification of SPM/SPMV/ O level or equivalent;
    credits (A/B/C) in English, Mathematics, Science (preferably Physics) or equivalent.
  • at least 17 years of age
  • be able to read, speak, and understand English fluently
  • do not suffer from colour blindness, Claustrophobia, and Acrophobia.


  • As of now, MATA is not yet ready to enroll any international students.


 What you will study 

  • Description and operation of airframe, engine, electrical and avionics systems
    Description and operation of controls and indicators
    •  Identification and location of the main components
    •  Servicing of the airframe, engine and electrical systems in accordance with aircraft maintenance manuals
    •  Troubleshooting the airframe, engine and electrical systems  with the use of built-in devices
    •  Operational testing of the airframe, engine and electrical systems
  • Servicing and minor troubleshooting of the avionics with the use of built-in test devices


Where you will study

  • MATA Kuantan, Pahang – 2 years
  • MATA Senai, Johor          – 2 years

Having successfully completed all 13 modules examination papers and OJT logbook requirement, trainee will receive BASIC licence for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Cat B1.1 CAAM Part-66 by Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM)



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